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Cast the right talent for the right role. Every time.

Streamline your casting process and find the perfect talent for every role with Slate.

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Use Cases


  • Quality scalable casting

    Whether you're casting for a few roles or a few hundred, SlateCasting offers a flexible and scalable solution that can meet the needs of any production. Our platform enables easy organization and management of talent, and our real-time audition tracking and remote casting capabilities help casting directors and other stakeholders stay on top of their projects.

  • Built for collaboration

    SlateCasting's platform is designed to streamline the casting process and foster collaboration between casting directors, talent agents, and other stakeholders. With real-time audition tracking, and remote casting capabilities, SlateCasting makes it easy for teams to work together towards more successful productions.

  • Integrated with Slate

    SlateCasting is seamlessly integrated with SlateTalent and SlateManage. You will have access to a database of talent maintained by Slate spanning various industries and locations. With TalentSearch, you will be able to search for and discover the perfect fit for your production.

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