Modern casting,

made easy

Streamline your process and make the best casting decisions with ease.

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Level up your

talent profile

SlateTalent simplifies media management for performers and creatives, offering a centralized hub of sharing tools to share your talent with anyone, anywhere.

Manage your media

SlateTalent centralizes media for performers, making it easy to showcase headshots, reels, and audio clips. Ensure up-to-date accessibility for career growth.

Share your profile easily

SlateTalent simplifies sharing your profile with anyone, anywhere. Intuitive tools connect you with professionals and showcase your work effectively.

Vertically Integrated with Slate

SlateTalent integrates with SlateManage and SlateCasting, allowing you to seamlessly interact with your manager and apply for roles with a click.

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Find the perfect cast,

every time

SlateCasting provides a flexible and scalable solution for casting, including easy talent organization, real-time audition tracking, and remote casting capabilities, whether for a few roles or a few hundred.

Quality scalable casting

Organize talent, track auditions in real-time, and enable remote casting with flexible and scalable solutions.

Built for Collaboration

Real-time audition tracking and remote casting capabilities enhance teamwork for successful productions.

Integrated with Slate

SlateCasting integrates with SlateTalent and SlateManage, providing access to a diverse talent database.

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manage talent

Streamline client submissions and simplify tracking for better client outcomes with SlateManage, the leading talent management software for solo managers and agencies.

Effortless Management

Ideal for both solo managers and big agencies, SlateManage streamlines talent submissions effortlessly.

Entirely Global

Slate enables global remote work and talent management regardless of subscription tier, emphasizing geographical inclusivity.

Vertically Integrated with Slate

SlateManage integrates with SlateTalent and SlateCasting, providing full visibility and easy tracking of client submissions.

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